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 PST serial # list., The Dreaded Rust Syndrome...
Richard B. Drumm
post Mar 16 2007, 08:57 PM
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This is a list of the serial numbers of numerous PSTs owned by guys (and a couple gals) over at Cloudy Nights. There has been a major QC problem for Meade since they bought Coronado Instruments. There is a coating inside the objective lenses that turns opaque and reddish. It's been called "The Dreaded Rust".
If you see a PST for sale, even new in the box in a store, look for its serial # here in this list before buying a "pig in a poke". There are 3 categories here. First is the sick scopes, then the "gold" objectives, and finally the clear/blue objective scopes. I don't have a photo of the rust that I can copy here or I'd dhow it. Perhaps I can do a URL "call" from here to a CN gallery shot. I'll look into it.
94115 sick - "PEterW" in SW London, Repaired with clear blue objective.
94229 sick? - Rick in Tokyo
94230 sick - Joe Bergeron in NY - repaired twice, last time with clear blue lens.
94595 sick - Chris Reich "Bucephelus" in California. LOST BY MEADE.
94606 sick - Gary Meehan "AXAF" in Boston
94645 not sick - John Hoare in Kildare, Eire
94769 sick? - Dave LoPresti in Conn.
94991 sick - David "ad701xx" in Oregon. "Replaced objective lens and ITF. Clean optics"
95009 sick - Aaron McNeely in Indiana, repaired with blue/transparent obj. No bubbles.
95104 was blue, now gold - Tom Lawson "Guner" in NJ - repaired twice!
95166 sick - James Suarez "Jim7728" in NY, repaired twice, 2nd time with blue/clear objective & new ITF/etalon.
95424 sick - Julio Cesar in Madrid - before repair.
95769 sick - Joan Koch "StargazerJMK", Tacoma. Repaired with clear blue objective & ITF/etalon.
96038 not sick - Stephen "darkstar 528" in Kentucky.
96144 sick - Bruce Cosgrove "BRCoz" in Calif. Repaired with clear blue objective.
96325 sick - DAVIDG in Delaware. Repaired with clear blue objective & ITF/etalon.
96367 sick - "Zoomster" in Fla.- now repaired.
96448 sick - Mike Rosolina "Special Ed" in West Va. Repaired with clear blue objective & ITF/etalon.
96605 sick - SO King-yan Oldfield in Hong Kong.
96618 sick - Doug D. in Virginia. Repaired with clear blue objective & ITF/etalon.
96714 sick - Darren Hiebert in Alabama, repaired, sick again!
96969 sick - CESDewar in Georgia, repaired with blue objective.
97148 sick - Bill Leslie "bill-in-forres" Scotland. Replaced by BC&F (Meade).
97449 not sick yet, blue - Steve Durham in NY
97468 sick - Bruce Raemsch "Carpe Noctum" in Cal., returned, lost by Meade, replaced.

97491 gold - Daniel Steinke in Illinois - bought used, repaired?
97575 gold - sick "EmielVeldhuis" in Zwolle, Netherlands, old scope, sold?
98031 sick - Brian "Solar B" in Scotland. Repaired with new blue objective, new ERF/BF/Spacer.
98131 not sick, blue/transparent - Gustavo Phols in Mexico (already repaired?)
98569 sick - Joplin Motisher. Repaired with clear blue objective & ITF tested.
98670 sick & gold (yellow?) "Davo" in Scotland

98773 sick - Gregor(slo) in Slovenia (the old scope)
98994 sick - Steve "molniyabeer" in Italia
99309 sick - Michelle "JARSHEART" in Fla. "Replace objective lens and ITF, clean optics."
99335 sick - Kelly "Trombone" Repaired with clear blue objective & ITF/etalon. Traded to Bobby "Strgazr27" on Long Island?
99493 sick - Adrian Guzman "solmax" in San Jose, CA. Repaired with clear blue objective & ITF/etalon.
99520 sick - DanJ in North Carolina. Repaired, new blue objective, cleaned optics.
99729 sick - Kurt Fisher, "canopus56" in Salt Lake City.
99760 sick - (brand new in box - Discovery Store) - Steven Kim "kimsc321" in NJ
99801 unknown -- STOLEN -- Erika Rix in Ohio
99807 sick - "Ike" Stewart, Repaired with clear blue objective & ITF/etalon.
100051 sick - Trevor Durity in Galway, Eire (Ben Ritchie's old scope) - sent to Meade for repair. --REPLACED--
100292 not sick - Marcus Thompson "JAT Observatory" in Pennsylvania.
100349 not sick - Chris Schroeder in Wisconsin
100353 not sick - Jeff Wilson "birddog06" in Oregon.
100360 sick - Rick in Tokyo
100407 slightly sick - Stephane in Belgium.
100658 sick - Jim from NJ Night Sky. Repaired with clear blue objective & ITF/etalon.

100706 gold - Ed Kessler in PA, sold to JD Sherman in New Jersey?
100727 gold - Bill K. "SprintCar Driver" in California
100914 gold - Quentin Rakestraw
100922 gold - justin2992 in Philly
100942 gold - LBartolomei in Minnesota
101040 gold - "jgraham" in Ohio
101147 gold - Julio Cesar's friend Oriol in Barcelona
101168 gold - Julio Cesar's replacement PST
101230 gold - me
101306 gold - Luke Leege "LLEGE" in Rochester
101337 gold - Gerald Bokowy "chemkelly" in Illinois

101339 blue - Dean Mohr, Salt Lake City
101369 blue - James Suarez "Jim7728" in NY - the new one.
101489 blue - FLNightSky in Florida?
101526 blue - spacydee in Los Angeles, California.
101627 blue - Gregor(slo) in Slovenia (the new replacement scope)
101680 blue - Bill "Bonco" in Fla. Not sick.
101742 blue - "EmielVeldhuis" in Zwolle, Netherlands, new scope, best contrast.
101860 blue - Trevor Durity in Galway, Eire. The replacement scope.
101976 blue - Bill "Downward Bound" in Seattle.
101978 blue? - "Tarsier"
102xxx clear-blue/sick/bubbles - (brand new in box - Adorama NYC) - Steven Kim "kimsc321" in NJ
102024 clear-blue/sick/bubbles - (brand new in box - #2 Adorama NYC) - Steven Kim "kimsc321" in NJ, bubbles are very small.
102196 blue - Adam "soreneck" in Toronto
102228 blue - "omahaastro" in Omaha. No bubbles.
102392 blue - Bill Leslie, "bill-in-forres" Scotland. Free replacement for # 97148.
The first group are the ones that had the problem. Reflective blue lenses, one transparent...
The second group are the gold ones.
The last group are the new type, with blue lenses (transparent). Not sick.

If your PST or BF is sick, call Coronado/Meade:
1 (800) 626-3233 - Dave Wiggins ext 6289
Wayne.Motonaga@meade.com -- Not actually in the repair dept. Told Chris to "Be patient." :-(
Eddie Salgado -- "Very helpful"

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