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I'm looking for some freeware I can install in order to enable two separate programs to send commands and receive feedback to and from the same hardware attached to one Com port.

The software in question: Starry Night Pro and PHD. Right now, I have to shut one down in order to use the other to control the scope. It would be nice if I could send commands with either, and have them both receive feedback at the same time.

I know there are some tricks one can perform involving communications settings with AutoStar Suite and the DSI that will enable them to both control a Meade scope without having to turn them on and off.

Any clue where I can find such software?
I know it can be done, just don't know what the "Interface" software would be called..

Basically, the interface software would be the "Serial" connection, but act as a "Network". You would then need the software you're using to access the "Network" rather than the serial port...

Meade has this with their software. Each program you can connect to either the com port or the Network port.. If using the Network port, you need to be running their Network connection.

Hi Neo....I was kind of hoping for you....

Anyway...does this

Look like it will work?? or maybe this one....

That second one sounds more like what you want to do...

I like the sound of "virtual" serial ports.. The device would be on (for example) comm 3.. But the program would create virtual comm 5,6,7,8,etc... You'd just tell each program you use to pick a DIFFERENT Virtual comm port... smile.gif
That is exactly what I'm looking for. However, I don't need it bad enough to pay for it.

It would allow me to use one serial port tocontrol a telescope with a planetarium program AND a guiding camera without having to shut one down to use the other. As long as there wer no commands issued by the planetarium program while guiding all would be cool....
I'm sure with searching around, you can find a freeware "Virtual Serial Port" program...
Google on "comm port sharing software" and you should find what you're looking for.
Greg Mueller
Get a card that has two serial ports on it. Comm 1 and Comm 2 (etc)
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